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Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families

Beginning the day after Father’s Day, WFCF member Peter Kerr will be embarking on a walk across Wisconsin on behalf of fatherless children. The “Walk for Children” will raise awareness of the problems that fatherless children face in our state. Problems that range from increased risk of suicide to juvenile delinquency, poor performance in school, drug abuse and teen age pregnancy. This walk is to raise funds for State and local charities that support Fatherhood programs that will reduce the destructive effects of fatherless ness on our society.

Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families endorses and supports this effort. As Wisconsin premier Father’s Rights organization we are acutely aware of the problems that not having an actively involved father in the lives of children causes. This walk will bring the issue of children growing up with out dad in their lives out in the open and will hopefully bring about a debate and discussion of this devastating problem.

WFCF commends Peter for taking this step (millions of steps actually) and we will provide as much help and support as we can in this important venture.

Steve Blake

President - Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families

Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families brochure and membership can be printed from here.

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Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative 

At the Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative, we believe families are havens of nurturing, sustenance, unity, social values and guiding tenets for future development of its children. Fathers mothers and children are all important parts of that family, and important contributions to strong and healthy communities regardless of where those family members live.

Research, scholarship and community knowledge: We apply research to our work with fathers, We hold ourselves accountable for the highest standard in services to fathers. We respect and apply knowledge of the people we serve.

Excellence and innovation: We explore new approaches to meeting the fatherhood development needs of the males we work with.

Advocacy:  We will strive to be the strong and active voice for fathers in the community to ensure their fair and equitable treatment by society.

Diversity: We seek diversity in our membership and participants and welcome differences in people, ideas, programs and partnerships.

We commend Peter Kerr, our communications secretary for this grass roots effort. The walk is all about communicating the importance of Fathers in children's lives. Our communications secretary is putting his foot where his mouth is. Our members will be participating in thought for every step and in person during the Milwaukee area leg of the journey.

Albert M. Holmes

President - Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative

The Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative brochure and membership can be printed from here.


The following are some of the agencies that comprise and support the Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative and its activities and projects: 


Department of Health and Family Services


National Practitioners Network for Fathers and Families


United Migrant Opportunity Services (UMOS)


YMCA of Greater Milwaukee


YWCA of Greater Milwaukee


Greater Milwaukee Foundation


Milwaukee County Board of Supervisors


New Concepts Self Development Center Inc.


Next Door Foundation


Rosalie Manor Community and Family Services


The Parenting Network


Parents Plus of Wisconsin


Wisconsin Fathers for Children and Families


Vincent Family Resource Center St. Vincent de Paul Society


Wisconsin Community Services


Milwaukee Women's Center


Child Abuse Prevention Fund


Child Abuse Prevention Network


Betty Brinn Children Museum


Managed Health Services




Milwaukee Healthy Marriages Partnership




The Children ‘s Trust Fund


Milwaukee Social Development Commission ( Head Start )


State of Wisconsin ( DWD )


Agape Family Resource Center


The Helen Bader Foundation


Community Advocates


Rosalie Manor

Last year Rosalie Manor, a member organization of the Milwaukee Fatherhood Collaborative, hosted First Lady Laura Bush to Rosalie Manor to participate in Today's Dads, one of the many Fatherhood programs run by Rosalie Manor.

To view her speech at the National Fatherhood Initiative awards last year, follow the link here.

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