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  Local Sponsors:

For those who sponsor our event, you name will be placed here for links to your website and advertising.

With 43 days of walking, there will be 43 overnight stops. Each day is an opportunity for the local community to get involved.

Local sponsorship is the best way to have local community participation. The awareness and donations that are raised by the Walk For Children can be kept and best used in the local community if a local sponsor helps facilitate the day's events.

The Local Sponsors package can be view and printed here.

A sponsorship amount of $200 would cover the expenses for the day. It is important that a sponsor covers expenses so that 100% of all monies donated by the public end up back in the local community supporting Fatherhood initiatives.

The sponsor's contribution covers the cost of a batch of 10 T-shirts, a daily banner that carries the sponsor's name and fuel for shuttling walkers to and from town to the walk.

The sponsor's involvement can help participation in the actual walk for the day or part of the day. The walk is in the school summer break so there could be many parents and kids who can take a healthy stroll out in the sunshine. It is envisaged that the first 10 people to join the walk for the day will get a free “local sponsored” Walk For Children T-shirt.

The sponsor's commitment can facilitate the guidance of all donations occurring in the local area, to be put back into the local community.

The sponsor's are welcome to use the Walk For Children infrastructure to host an end of day party in the local town. Whether it is a stand-alone bbq at the sponsor's business premises, a band playing in the town band shell or a slot in an existing local function. Whatever the local sponsor decides, the Walk For Children would be happy to participate to raise awareness for the cause.

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